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In 1918 Charles Chubb & Jeremiah Chubb patented the famous Chubb 'Detector Lock'. The Chubb Detector Lock remained unpicked until the Great Exhibition of 1851. In 1835 the Chubb brothers produced and patented their first burglar resistant Chubb Safe.

ChubbSafes (Chubb Safes) have been producing burglar beating high quality security safes ever since. That's more than 180 years of safe manufacturing expertise at your disposal.

We supply and install ChubbSafes throughout London and the Home Counties.

If you're thinking of a safe for your home give us a call on 0800 711 7892.

Our friendly expert advisors will guide you through the process.

Chubb Epsilon Key Cabinet

Secure storage for 88 - 208 keys
Available in four sizes, from £426 to £567
with FREE Delivery & Fitting

Keylocking only
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Chubb Counter Unit

Holds up to 350 Notes
Available in 1 size, £195 each
with FREE Delivery & Fitting

Keylocking only
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